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文字方塊: 2014 The 18th 
Japan-Korea-Taiwan Joint Conference
for Gynecological Pathology


2013 Korea-Japan-Taiwan Joint Meeting for Gyn Pathology: October 19, Korea University, Seoul, Korea . History & Virtual slides    Diagnosis of Slides

The 8th Asia Pacific IAP Congress:  September 5 ~ 8, 2013, Busan, Korea.  Homepage address : http://www.apiap2013.org

SGH breast pathology course 2013, Nov 8-10

The 4th Japan-Taiwan Conjoint Slide Conference: 2012/10/26(W5)-26(W6),Tokyo,Japan. History-Taiwan  History-Japan  Virtual Slide:        Diagnosis 

2012 Japan-Korea-Taiwan Joint Meeting for Gyn Pathology:  5/26  (W1) , Kumamoto , Japan .  Brief History  Virtual Slides  Diagnosis  

Seventh APIAP Congress, Taipei, Taiwan 2011 .

The 3rd  Taiwan-Japan Conjoint Slide Conference of IAP & Annual slide meeting : 2010/11/7  (W7) , Kaohsiung, Taiwan.             

     History(T-1~T-5)   History(J-1~J-5)  Virtual slide(T-1~T-5, J-1~J-5)    

2011 Korea-Japan-Taiwan Joint Meeting for Gyn Pathology :  9/24 (W6) ,Gyeongju , South Korea.   History and Virtual Slides


Arie Perry, M.D., Symposium: Update in neuropathology, 2010/4/4, Taipei,  Taiwan:  Virtual Slides   Unknowns Answers


      The 2nd Japan-Taiwan conjoint Slide Conference: 2008/9/6  (W6),  Fukuoka, Japan.

        Invitaion  Agenta  (Brief history: Japan cases  Taiwan cases Virtual Slides   Diagnosis

The 1st Taiwan-Japanese Conjoint Slide Conference & Annual slide meeting: 2006/11/18, Taipei, Taiwan. (Taiwan cases (T01  T02  T03  T04  T05) Japanese cases (J01  J02  J03  J04  J05) Virtual Slides  (please choose  "病理學會課程"    以 訪客 身分登入      password: tpaguest)

100th Anniversary Congress of the IAP


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